St. Petersburg wins DSP!

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It's Deutscher Spiele Preis awards time. According to Mik's DSP 2004 page, 2,341 gamers cast their votes to determine the best game of 2004.

Winner is St. Petersburg and - no surprises here - I think it's well deserved. I can also agree with San Juan placing second. I've played eight games out of the top ten and most are good. I, however, wouldn't rate Goa that high (3rd).

There's also a GeekList of the winners.

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Phil said:

You need to be giving more respect to Goa!! :-)

Mikko said:

Well, maybe some day I'll try it again and perhaps like a bit more. The first session left me cold, that's for sure. But hey, it's no Time Control or even Munchkin!

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