Gulo Gulo

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I tried Gulo Gulo with Johanna recently. It's a children's game from Wolfgang Kramer and collaborators. The idea is simple: players advance on a path, trying to reach the end. What makes Gulo Gulo stand out is the method of movement.

Players move by picking small wooden eggs from a bowl! If you want to move to a blue tile, you must pick a blue egg from the bowl. There's a catch, though: there's an alarm and if you trip it, you're going back! The alarm is a long stick with a small egg on it's head. It's very top-heavy and thus likely to fall if too many supporting eggs are picked up.

That simple dexterity mechanic makes Gulo Gulo work. The game is simple, yet fun to play. I don't have any personal experience, but I guess small kids with their small, nimble fingers are very good in this game, while adults with their bigger, clumsier fingers might have trouble. I'm definitely keeping this game in my collection in case I have a five-year old gamer in the house.

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Ryan Walberg said:

We bought this for Christmas Eve for our 4-year-old. It's had 20+ plays among adults and is still as fresh as the day we first played it.

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