Quick BSW session: San Juan and Caylus

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I popped in BrettSpielWelt to play few games. San Juan didn't go too well for me: everybody else had Prefectures and Quarrys, I didn't get any... It was an obvious loss, and I don't think I did that many mistakes, either. Well, the cards giveth and the cards taketh away, that's what you get.

Caylus, in the other hand, went much better. I lost it, sure, but it wasn't a big margin. It was a two-player game and my opponent played well, collecting lots of resources. I made few stupid moves and had some user interface fumbles, nothing major, so it was her skill that won the game.

Anyway, after this one game I think the BSW Caylus interface is pretty slick. It's quite good, actually. The game is sweet, as usual, and I think it works quite well with two. It won't make my two-player game top ten, but still, it's probably better than you'd expect, really.

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Iain Cheyne said:

How does Caylus's user interface compare to Puerto Rico's?

I tried PR the other day and gave up in disgust after five minutes. In general, I hate BSW, but if Caylus is bearable, I might give it a go.

Mikko Saari said:

At least it looks much better. I thought it was quite good. Some information (the buildings) is kind of hidden and some things are perhaps a bit too easy (moving the provost in accident). But try it!

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