Yspahan for Windows

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Yspahan box frontI finally got around downloading Westpark Gamers PC version of Yspahan. It's from the same guy who did the St. Petersburg PC version.

It's a good game. It took me few games to figure it out - since I was too lazy to read the rules properly - but after few rounds I got it. It's a good game, too. For each action, you have to make plenty of choices: which dice to take, what to do with them, which strategy to pursue? It's quite a devious game, if you ask me. The PC version works well, offers pretty good opposition (I got three wins out of five games, but I started with easy opponents).

Yspahan is definitely a good game, I wouldn't mind owning a copy myself, and this PC version is worth downloading for Windows-equipped board gamers looking for quick solitaire games.

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