Ursula K. Le Guin: Rocannon's World

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An early novel in the Hainish cycle, Rocannon's World is a small story set on Fomalhaut II, inhabited by few different alien species. Rocannon is a researcher examining the world and its population for the League of Worlds, when rebel forces destroy his ship and kill all of his companions. Rocannon is stranded on the world with no way to contact friends.

Fortunately he has friends on the planet. Armed with their bronze age technology, friendship and courage, Rocannon takes on the technologically advanced enemies. Sometimes technology just isn't the key! Le Guin paints an interesting world and tells a good story, even if it pales in comparison to her better-known Hainish novels. (The Worlds of Exile and Illusion of the Amazon ad includes Rocannon's World and two other early Le Guin novels.) [ Rocannon's World at Amazon.co.uk ]Rocannon's World at Amazon.com ]Rocannon's World at LibraryThing ]

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