Alan Moore & David Lloyd: V for Vendetta

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This dystopian graphic novel written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd was recently made into a major movie. I loved the movie, so I was obviously interested in reading the original, and I wasn't disappointed: it's slightly different, but good.

There's been a limited nuclear war and England has survived. There's a new rule, the country is ruled by a fascist government that is strictly limiting civil liberties and freedoms. People of wrong colour and sexual orientation are killed and everything's very dystopian and grim. The protagonist of the story, an anarchist called V, sporting a Guy Fawkes mask and full of drama, is fighting against the oppression.

The story is perhaps a tad heavy with dialogue at times, but if you don't mind that, the whole of it is rather impressive. It's an emotional story and the V is an interesting character. David Lloyd's beautiful art works well with Moore's writing. Highly recommended, both the graphic novel and the movie. [ V for Vendetta at ]V for Vendetta at LibraryThing ]

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