Hugleikur Dagsson: Is This Supposed to Be Funny?

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Hugleikur Dagsson, Iceland's gift to black humour, is back with another collection of taboo-breaking little cartoons. Prepare to be offended, as Dagsson is blatantly politically incorrect. Which is, of course, terribly funny. No wonder the first collection, Should You Be Laughing At This?, has sold over 9 000 copies in Finland.

Some of the jokes aren't particularly excellent, but at times Dagsson hits a nerve and manages to come up with something unbelievably funny. Most of the cartoons aren't really that offensive, unless the reader is particularly sensitive to political incorrectness. There's some fairly graphic sexual content, which is probably the most likely part to offend some readers. Well, I suppose those people know to avoid something like this anyway.

The thousand dollar question here is whether Dagsson has enough material for a second book and the answer to that question is easy yes. And yes, it's funny, too. If you enjoyed the first book, you'll find this just as entertaining - some of the jokes are not that fresh, some are even more over-the-top than the cartoons in the first one. (Review based on the Finnish translation.) [ Is This Supposed to Be Funny? at ]Is This Supposed to Be Funny? at LibraryThing ]

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