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Hi and welcome to my book blog! I've been writing book reviews for Kirjavinkit for over five years now. Recently I've become more active in the English-speaking book world in Internet through BookMooch and LibraryThing (both excellent sites I heartily recommend!), and I thought it was time to put up a blog for reviews in English. You're reading it now.

I'm a fairly active reader. I'm a fan of speculative fiction - that's what you'll find here, mostly - in its various forms, from your everyday reality spiced up with magic and supernatural to full-fledged fantasy and hard core science fiction. I also always enjoy good popular science. My LibraryThing profile is your best next step if you want to know more about my literary tastes.

I'm also an published author, I've written Uudet lautapelit, which is a reference work on new board games.

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