Dead Beginners, The: Sinners' Rebellion

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The Dead Beginners: Sinners' RebellionCD, Spikefarm 2000

Track list: Calling Ruby (Last letter to the First Lady of Jesus Christ) - Treason via Magdalene - The Wounderable One - The Paragon and the Beast of Burden - Amadeus 2000 - La Cathedra - The Illfated - Sinners' Rebellion - Dead Beginners

The Dead Beginners is pretty much the multi-instrumentalist T. Sitomaniemi, who plays all the instruments except drums and most vocals. The music is quite typical synth-backed black metal, not exceptionally furious or imaginative. However, the third track, "The Wounderable One" sounds more interesting. So does "The Illfated", which is without a doubt the best track on the album in all of it's melancholic heaviness. "Sinners' Rebellion" features the strongest vocal performance of the album - and that's what connects the three songs: they all have vocals by T. Sitomaniemi. I rest my case. Those three songs are enough to warrant a better than average grade. ****

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Six Months Later:
I think I'll take one star off. Sure, the good tracks are good, "The Illfated" being the best example, but the rest of it just isn't impressive enough. ***


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