My Bloody Valentine: Loveless

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My Bloody Valentine: LovelessCD, Sire 1991

Track list: Only Shallow - Loomer - Touched - To Here Knows When - When You Sleep - I Only Said - Come in Alone - Sometimes - Blown a Wish - What You Want - Soon

My Bloody Valentine was for a long time a band I was planning to check out. The opportunity finally presented itself in form of this cd found in the local library. Now I wish I had found it earlier. Loveless is a wonderful album. My Bloody Valentine sounds fuzzy, the guitars form a noisy, soft wall and the vocals (male and female, both silent and soft) sort of sink in that cloud of music. The result is dreamy. Single tracks don't really stand out (still, if you want to check out only one track, try "Blown a Wish" which is the high point of the album to me). Loveless is very gentle and relaxing trip. ****

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Six Months Later:
I haven't listened to My Bloody Valentine lately, but my memories of the album are still very fond. Actually, I'll listen to it right now... Yea, still sounds good. I really like the hazy, fuzzy softness of it all. ****



Juan Manzor said:

It's 2003. The other day i remembered this band that i'd never listened to. So i searched in the kazaa (yes, i admit it) and downloaded the entire album. I'm amazed, this band's been there all those years and i never listened it!!. Don't let this happen to you, go and listen My Booly Valentine with the lights off and the walkman loud. It's similar to Sonic Youth in some guitars, but, in general, this is more melodic and sweet. It's more gently to the ear. The vocals are pretty good, soft and intense; beautiful and wide. A piece of good music and good rock, because it's rock, in the whole meaning of the word.

Brendan Savage said:

This is an awesome wonderscape of hazy endlessness. The whole album feels like some sort of divine transition, pitched between the industrial nothingness of this world and the mellow warmth of another. It feels like a journey, that just for a while, never ends. A swarming, buzz of energic pulsification. This is a must-have album.

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