Organ: Nekrofiilis

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Organ: NekrofiilisCD, Poko 2001 (1982)

Track list: Organ - Kaavakekauhu - Itäväylä - Kolme pennin kymmenystä - Kolme prinsessaa - Kani kertoo - Kärpästen juhlat - Peilimorsian - Aknebobbin - Regina Linnanheimon silmät - For next - Nekrofiilis - Kärpästen juhlat - Robotti - Kaavakekauhu - Kundi meikkaa - Suajele mua vähän jostakin päin - Neekerisuukkoja

Sometimes, on their faster, thumping tracks, Organ reminds me of DAF. Their sound is similar, synth sound from 20 years ago. Credit to Poko for rereleasing this Organ's only album with all three of their singles! Their first single, "Kärpästen juhlat", is also their best song if you ask me: steady drum beat, analogue synth bubbling and a vocalist with a bit too serious voice and surprisingly grim lyrics. Damn effective! Best tracks like "Organ", "Kani kertoo", "Peilimorsian", "Aknebobbin" are great, however not every track is of the same high quality. Still, this album is a must for fans of older electronic pop. ****

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Six Months Later:
I think I rarely will correct my reviews up but this one needs an extra star. I love Organ! As I said, not every track is that good, but most are and the best are simply timeless classics of electronic pop music. Wonderful sense of humour, but also more serious lyrics make Nekrofiilis a five-star album. *****


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