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Metallica: MetallicaCD, Vertigo 1991

Track list: Enter Sandman - Sad But True - Holier Than Thou - The Unforgiven - Wherever I May Roam - Don't Tread on Me - Through the Never - Nothing Else Matters - Of Wolf And Man - The God That Failed - My Friend of Misery - The Struggle Within

The black album is no doubt a classic - or at least some of it's tracks are. While songs like "Enter Sandman", "Sad But True", "Nothing Else Matters" or "The Unforgiven" are among the best heavy metal songs, many other songs from this album have fallen into the oblivion. That's a bit of a shame, perhaps. They're really not that bad. Of course they can't compare with the big hits, but there are some minor hits on the album too. If you're looking for a heavy metal album, check the black album out. ***

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Six Months Later:
Yep, that's it: bunch of heavy metal classics, bunch of tracks that should get more appreciation and few tracks that shouldn't. ***



Dave Tavares said:

I think that the black album is the best metallica album yet it is a classic in it's own time i can't wait for the band to go on tour

Poohead said:

Metallioca Are Cool

Ilkka Pöyliö said:

I think that the black album is the most best album in the world! Unfortunately, sooner or later you`ll get tired of anything, that you listen too long!!

pyro said:

Poohead, kill yourself as painfully as possible. Not only was your post pointless, but you neglected to spell Metallica correctly. You're a disgrace to Metallica fans.

joseph rusch said:

i think metallica is the bomb and kirk hammett is the best damn guitar player in the world because his guitar solos are out of this damn world man.

jamie said:

my freind of misery rocks... metallica rock! I think vertigo is one of the best albums yet maetallica have released

Bruise in peace said:

Metallica was respectable group that was a legend to me and t the rockers around the globe but that fucked up st anger make me angry and I received a deception from the band
Guys we must visit the tomb of metallica

Jimbo said:

St. Anger tried to be punk metal,but it sadly failed....

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