Pan Sonic: A

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Pan sonic: ACD, Blast First! 1999

Track list: Maa - Pala - Lomittain - Joskus - Askel - Ahdin - A-kemia - Johto 1 - Havainto - Etäisyys - Aleneva - Aktiivi - Rajatila - Johto 2 - Telakoe - Särmäys - Voima

The very reason why I give A the best grade is this: the album has everything necessary and nothing else. For some reason, I enjoy Pan sonic's buzzing and clicking minimalism very much. It takes a little more than a single click to make an interesting track and the magicians Vainio/Väisänen are very skillful to figure out what that little is. Grab a good pair of headphones, crank up the volume and concentrate. *****

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Six Months Later:
It's still closer to perfection of electronic minimalism than anything else I've ever heard. *****


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