Avanto 2001

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Avanto 2001CD, Avanto Recordings 2001

Track list: Kari Aronpuro: Urkertomus ("Kammottava vale") - Fennesz: Tradition Is the Handing on of Fire and not the Worship of Ashes - Alexei Borisov: Total NII - Es: Experimental Songcycles #1-5 - [The User]: LPT1 - ZGA: Miners - Toshimaru Nakamura: nimb #9.2 - Ruins: Untitled - Bas van Koolwijk: TST.04 - Jari Haanperä: Indoor Light - Comae: Portadyne - Shogun Kunitoki: 5.36 - Pekka Airaksinen: Epistemological Word Error - Sachiko M: div 1 - farmersmanual: Sonderzeichenmassaker - Circle: Sarvet - Otomo Yoshihide: FF - Op:l Bastards: Copenhagen - Semiconductor: LinEar - Keuhkot: Käynnistys on suuri hetki - Kari Aronpuro: Timokratian jänis

Listening to this CD makes me regret a lot that I didn't go to Helsinki to hear all these amazing acts live. Fortunately Circle and Ruins visited Tampere, too, so I didn't miss all the fun. Ruins definitely was fun, but that doesn't come through on this album as clearly. However, many other strange and confusing things are here to puzzle the listener. Tracks vary a lot, only common thing being their somewhat experimental nature. Most are also quite electronic. Some of my favourites include [The User], Sachiko M and Circle. This compilation probably doesn't compare at all with the real experience, but is a very interesting and quite challenging album on it's own. ****

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Six Months Later:
Even though the single tracks are good, Avanto compilation was a bit of momentary interest for me. I'd rather listen to something that is a bit more coherent. ***


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