Robert Balzar Trio: Alone

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Robert Balzar Trio: AloneCD, Cube/Metier 2000

Track list: Alone - Vinohradska Street 32 - Someday My Prince Will Come - Moon River - Quiet Now - Una Noche Con Francis - There Is No Greater Love - They Can't Take That Away From Me - Kenny - Nardis - Black Nile - In Your Own Sweet Way - Rob-in - My One And Only Love - Christiania

I admit my pretty much complete ignorance of everything about jazz. However, I've decided to embark on a journey to figure it out. So, here I am, interested of jazz and visiting Czech Republic, famous of it's great jazz bands. What could be a better souvenir, then, than an album of Czech jazz? The guy at the record store recommended few albums to me, of which I enjoyed this one most. And I do... I feel that I really can't say anything about it because I don't have the words for it. Therefore I just say that it's good. The trio (bass, piano, drums) plays smoothly, I especially enjoy the work of the drummer. One third of the songs are written by Robert Balzar, the rest are on loan. ****

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Six Months Later:
After this came my summer of jazz, which mostly concentrated on more un-traditional sounds (Coltrane, Coleman) - still, Alone is one of my favourite jazz albums and one I've listened to most, I believe. ****


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