Jethro Tull: Thick as a Brick

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Jethro Tull: Thick as a BrickCD, Chrysalis (1972)

Track list: Thick as a Brick

Thick as a Brick is second major album of the Jethro Tull, right after Aqualung. It's a somewhat thematical album for one very simple reason: it's consists of only one song, a bit over 40 minutes in length. It is cut in two, obviously, being from the lp era. However, between the different parts of the song there are more variation than between different songs on some albums. Jethro Tull's music is a mix of progressive rock, hard rock and folk influences. Ian Anderson's flute works wonders and the music is generally quite cheerful and interesting. Ian Anderson is also a quite good vocalist and lyrics are clever. *****

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Six Months Later:
I recently listened to Thick as a Brick as I wrote a review of it. It's brilliant! I can't help but to adore the dexterity and the various influences from different styles it features. *****



Doove said:

Do you remember when you were around 11 years old starting to appreciate music other than the pop that everyone else was listening to?. That's around the time I found Jethro Tull in the way of my older sisters album, Aqualung, I was hooked, listening to it over and over, then she bought Thick As A Brick, I'd have to say my favorite.
Having got married, left home and taken her albums with her, I have'nt heard any Tull for years, but the words and music still visited me in my mind every now and then, I never forgot them.
Not long ago I able to get a hold of and listen to Thick As A Brick for the first time for at least 25 years... man, I still knew the words!, memories of those years when I was young came flooding back, It's an absolutley bloody briliant album, and after not hearing for so long it makes you realise how true that is.
"where the hell was Biggles when you needed him last Saturday"

Quattro said:

In this age where music is no more exciting and diversified as canned meat products 70's progressive rock comes as a most refreshing respite. Nobody makes music like this anymore. Powerful, skillful and most of all interesting, this is what people in this day and age who yearn to listen to music for listening's sake (are there people like these anymore?) should listen to. A shining example of this is Jethro Tull's "Thick As A Brick". Daunting the typical listener with a CD with only three music tracks (Thick As A Brick, Thick As A Brick and... Thick As A Brick Live) while spanning more than 50 minutes, this album is not only exemplary prog rock, but exemplary music period! Now sidelongs have always been called as "over extended" and "pretentious" and maybe this justifies those accusations, but never can I call it "boring". There is not a single minute that this "song" bored me. Everything about it is interesting, from the lyrics, the instrumentation and the arrangements. To those who have never heard it, this is what excellent music sounds like.

Ashok Chanda said:

Heard the album, again, after about 25 years since leaving college. Fantastic ! And what flute!

vern said:

this is my favorite tull album, hands down. i graduated from high school in '72 and it still is as intriguing now as it was then. i'm a music teacher and young players nowadays seem to like this era of progressive rock a great deal more than today's fare.

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