Laibach: Kapital

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Laibach: KapitalCD, Mute 1992

Track list: Decade Null - Everlasting in Union - Illumination - Le Privilege des Morts - Codex Durex - Hymn to the Black Sun - Young Europa Pts 1-10 - The Hunter's Funeral Procession (From the "Wunderhorn" trilogy) - White Law - Wirtschaft ist tot - Torso - Entartete Welt (The Discovery of the North Pole) - Kinderreich - Sponsored by Mars - Regime of the Coincidence, State

Kapital features Laibach gone techno. This very long album is full of Laibachian grandeur and over-the-top dramatics. And that, my friends, is good and well. In the end, the tracks sort of blend into one big mass of similar beats and vocals, with few notable differences - "Hymn to the Black Sun" being the most explicit one. Gods, the song features a guest star rapper as a vocalist! That's something I didn't expect, but it works out well. Other key tracks include "Wirtschaft ist tot", "Le Privilege des Morts" and "Sponsored by Mars". ****

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Six Months Later:
Kapital is indeed one of the stranger Laibach albums. I really had trouble with it the first time I heard it, but I've since grown to like it better. It's not something I'd recommend to people new to Laibach, but for those who know the band already, it's worth checking out. ****



Ahuey8 said:

The album was good live

maarek said:

I think its the best Laibach album ever.

Doug Derlacki said:

Their masterpiece. It was also a good live show in 1993, - they added a guitarist and bass player to fill out the sound. The concert was preceeded by a short biographical film. Interestingly the cassette tape has different mixes plus adds an additional song with female vocalist.

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