Ahvenlahti, Olli: Bandstand


Olli Ahvenlahti: BandstandCD, Siboney 2001 (Love 1975)

Track list: Breeze - Countenance - The Daughter - Cadenza for Christina - Sandy - Havana Two

My image of Olli Ahvenlahti is the smiling man behind the piano in TV shows - but he's done much more than just showtunes for entertainment. Bandstand starts with somewhat unnoticeable "Breeze". However, you can't miss the next track: "Countenance" is the definite peak moment of the album and alone is enough to justify it's existance. It's very groovy jazzfunk tune and would be a killer on the dancefloor. Rest of the album falls only a bit short of that. ****

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Six Months Later:
Don't know about the rest of the songs, really, but "Countenance" is a wonderful track. Thus, I'll drop one star: one excellent track doesn't make an excellent album. ***


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