Hector: Herra Mirandos

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Hector: Herra MirandosCD, Warner Music 2001 (1973)

Track list: Ekhnaton rakastui aurinkoon (prologi) - Herra Mirandos - Asfalttiprinssi - Mystalgia - Olet lehdetön puu - Olen hautausmaa - Lumi teki enkelin eteiseen - Atlantis - Meiran laulu - Sisämaan retkellä - Takaisin Narniaan

I've never cared much about Hector - he's boring and plays boring rock music for grownups who were listening to him back in the 70s, or something. However, I had also heard some good things about his older albums and when I saw this one in library, I took the risk and borrowed it. It was worth the risk! Herra Mirandos features two of Hector's bigger hits, "Asfalttiprinssi" and perhaps his best known and most loved song, "Lumi teki enkelin eteiseen". Which is a good song, can't deny it. But the other songs, which I had never heard, we're quite wonderful too. ****

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Six Months Later:
Here I'm keeping the stars. Herra Mirandos is a very good album, with more to it than the obvious hits. It's a shame, how the most obvious hits from albums tend to obfuscate those songs, which are perhaps even better, just a bit more difficult (for example David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, from which "Starman" has been chosen as The Hit). ****


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