Hector: Nostalgia

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Hector: NostalgiaCD, Warner Music 2001 (1972)

Track list: Yksinäinen tinasotamies - Sadepäivälaulu - Heinäpellolla - Karnevaalit - Mandoliinimies - Nostalgia osa 1 - Neitoperho - Aamukahvit - Poissaoloa - Syyskuu - Nostalgia osa 2

I didn't like Nostalgia as much as Herra Mirandos - perhaps because Nostalgia lacks the immediately obvious hits. With more listening to Nostalgia opens up a bit and turns out to be a good album, too. There are very good songs, for example the trio of "Heinäpellolla", "Karnevaalit" and "Mandoliinimies". If you're into folk-influenced pop music (and understand Finnish), give Hector a chance. ****

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Six Months Later:
I'll grab one star off. It's good, and there are some quite good songs, but perhaps "very good" is a bit too much for it. But Herra Mirandos, in the other hand... So perhaps that's Nostalgia's greatest fault, having relatives that are better than it is. ***


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