Mannhai: Evil Under the Sun

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Mannhai: Evil Under the SunCD, Ranch 2002

Track list: Laugh Like Insane - Sweat of Love - Between - Standing on this Cliff - More than Enough - Spiritraiser - Evil Under the Sun - Dead Statue - Colourful Dusk - Under Your Thumb - Spiritraiser (video)

I missed their debut album, even though I was interested in it after reading the reviews. This time I went for it, and put Evil Under the Sun on my Christmas wish list. I got it, and I'm glad to hear it's just about exactly what I was waiting for. Mannhai has all I need: guitars buzzing low and mean, thick groove and rock'n'roll touch. Stoner rock is the appropriate label for this kind of music, I suppose. Anyway, Evil Under the Sun is an excellent album in it's genre. ****

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Minna said:

Tää levy on sikakova klassikko. Rumpali on tosi hyvä, jopa Zeppelin tulee välillä mieleen... Veikkaisin Mannhaista seuraavaa vientibändiä Suomelle!!

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