Waits, Tom: Bone Machine

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Tom Waits: Bone MachineCD, Island Records 1992

Track list: Earth Died Screaming - Dirtin the Ground - Such a Scream - All Stripped Down - Who Are You - The Ocean Doesn't Want Me - Jesus Gonna Be Here - A Little Rain - In the Colosseum - Goin' Out West - Murder in the Red Barn - Black Wings - Whistle Down the Wind - I Don't Wanna Grow Up - Let Me Get Up On It - That Feel

On Bone Machine, Tom Waits sounds very much like he usually does. No surprises, really - some tracks go "klink-klank-boom", some are slower and sadder and the rest are done in plain blues format. Whatever the song sounds like, Tom Waits sings in his usual style. Which I like, therefore I like the album as much as any other Tom Waits album. If you don't like Tom Waits, this album is probably not going to change your mind. ****

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