Tididii Tididii Tididiididii - A 267 Lattajjaa Compilation

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Tididii Tididii Tididiididii - A 267 Lattajjaa Compilation2xCD-R, 267 lattajjaa

Track list: Di Maissintähkä: Eka kappale - Uton: Vihreän tuuman hengitys - Avarus: Eppi-Lööna motkottaa "motko-motko" (pliiz, lopeta!) - Greypark: Viistoistkakstoisnollayks - Pylon: Terveys :) - Braspyreet: Kivitalo taantuu - Ilmastointilaitteita: My teeth are cracking I am poor - Michael Knight Ensemble: 8 - Ever Had: Camels eat sand - Verde: Ruma jousi - Can Can Heads: Double talkin' maybe - Rakennustuhkaa: Aina vaan maalataan - O Samuli A: Taloyhtiö tiedottaa - Ektroverde: Kiehua - Slaughterhouse Quintet feat. Mental Alaskan mieskuoro: Ketsulaulu - Aïr: Rouyn-noranda - Plat Ypus: Introduzione-2 - Duhex: Azrrrra - A Shallow Conspiracy: Kaleidoscope language - Syöttöteho: Kateus - Agnosia: Assault of the elektro yiddish - 1 in 10: Green square - Blubberheads: About to leave - Drakes Medicine: Number of the Beats - Ever Had: Reindeers eat snow - Bob of America: 224 unknown countries (excerpt) - Matula: Der Alte (Bruchstück) - Kroko: Sabra - Short Eyes: Spiritual asshole - Skullpture: Untitled - Massaccesi: Science: Finding ways to slaughter millions - Karvaiset orjuuttajat: 2019 - Luu: Valssi - Lalla Khard: o0O - Sonic Temple Assassins: Born in the U.S.A. - Kiva: Keikkaa - kiimaa - Testicles: Lick my funny - Murha Murha Itsemurha: Olin väritön - Fun: U69: Das Loveboot - Maaginen teatteri: Väinämöinen - In-Walked Blank: Under sloppiest quality control - John Strobo: Halavatun kalkatus (kuoleman kukot) - Kvantti: Doppelgänger - No Scene: 230801 - Baby Sweetcorn: Live for kicks and danger - Kilometritehdas: Kävelen

This double-cd is a sequel to OOOOOps-cokish, featuring some bands from that album and many more. Most are Finnish and all are definitely underground. It's a collection of weird and eccentric and thus doomed to rather few playings. However, there are some very good tracks I'll probably copy on a compilation CD with some better tracks to accompany them. Highly recommended for the fans of the curious. ***

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