Cure, The: Disintegration

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The Cure: DisintegrationCD, Fiction Records 1989

Track list: Plainsong - Pictures of You - Closedown - Lovesong - Last Dance - Lullaby - Fascination Street - Prayers for Rain - The Same Deep Water as You - Disintegration - Homesick - Untitled

While I'm not quite sure if I agree with the South Park assesment of this album ("Disintegration is the best album ever"), it's certainly one of the best albums The Cure has ever made (my other favourites include Faith, Pornography, Boys Don't Cry and Wish). Good songs and what's best, it's chock full of atmosphere. It is very much what Cure does best, really. Such a shame it took me so long before I finally bought it (but Cure albums have always been surprisingly expensive in Finland, for some reason). *****

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Lunael said:

South Park is right on this one. Disintegration is The Album by The Cure, no competition. It simply manages to encompass all that makes Cure the band it is - brooding melancholy in accesible pop songs. Disintegration has few of the best songs Cure has ever made (Pictures of You, Lullaby, Disintegration), and is pure Cure mood from beginning to the end.

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