Evergrey: The Inner Circle

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Evergrey: The Inner CircleCD, InsideOutMusic 2004

Track list: A Touch of Blessing - Ambassador - In the Wake of the Weary - Harmless Wishes - Waking Up Blind - More Than Ever - The Essence of Conviction - Where All Good Sleep - Faith Restored - When the Walls Go Down

I've never heard of Evergrey before, but it seems I've missed out on something good. The Inner Circle is certainly a good album. A lot of it is thanks to the vocalist Tom Englund, who does a great job here. His vocals range from touching to powerful and all are delivered with the same passion and charisma. The result sounds very good indeed. The songs are solid and well performed, and the album is technically well done. It's a concept album, with a theme circling around the ways people abuse religions for misguided purposes. ****

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