Skymning: Machina Genova

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Skymning: Machina GenovaCD, Blackend 2004

Track list: ProKill - Berzerk Cirkus Circle - Riot Revelation / Club Monroe - ForceBender - ScalpLeech - Bubblegum Generation - Mondo Bizarre Glorification - Swallow the Holy Piss - Silicone Animation / MadShaper - TrollTekk/AggroTekk - Bod√ľoutline/PlanetEater - Rebel Cult!

If you're into machine beats, Machina Genova is a good choice. Skymning churns out rough riff-based machine metal with a very straigth-forward engine beat. I like it a lot! The atmosphere is dark and industrial (even though Machina Genova is far from industrial music). The only negative side is the monotony of the vocalist. The Antichrist knows only one way to shout out his message. It's fine, but you'll probably grow tired if you listen to it too much. ****

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