Stormlord: The Gorgon Cult

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Stormlord: The Gorgon CultCD, Scarlet Records 2004

Track list: The Torchbearer - Dance of Hecate - Wurdulak - Under the Boards (195, M.A.) - The Oath of the Legion - The Gorgon Cult - Memories of Lemuria - Medusa's Coil - Moonchild - Nightbreed

Melodic, synth-driven black metal with power metal influences is the name of the game for this Italian group. The album is technically well made, but suffers from weak songs. Iron Maiden cover Moonchild is the best of the crop, other songs are nice, but sound way too familiar. The album has little new to offer, but if one enjoys the genre and doesn't expect anything new, it should be enjoyable. ***

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