Hellebaard: Strijdkracht

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Hellebaard: StrijdkrachtCD, CCP Records 2004

Track list: Een Duuster Begin - In Walhalla - Wodan's Lof Gewijden - Strijdkracht - Roode Dageraad - Weidevolk - De Valsche List - Bergschawud - Een Bitter End

Thunder from Netherlands! Hellebaard is my first experience with black metal sung in Dutch. Interesting, but unfortunately Strijdkracht is, frankly, crap. Boring pagan metal with cheap synths, very bad sound quality, uninspiring songs... Sorry, but there are simply too many other bands who do this kind of thing in much superior way. *

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ThousandLakes said:

Apparently pagan metal is not your cup of tea, because Hellebaard does have strong songs in the mighty style of Bathory and Graveland with influences of Summoning and Darkthrone.
They might improve their synth sound, but the songs are great!

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