Winds: The Imaginary Direction of Time

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Winds: The Imaginary Direction of TimeCD, Blackend 2004

Track list: What Is Beauty? - Sounds Like Desolation - Theory Of Relativity - Visions Of Perfection - The Fireworks Of Genesis - Under The Stars - A Moment For Reflection - Time Without End - The Final End - Beyond Fate - Silence In Despair - Infinity

Winds is lead by Andy Winter, classically inspired pianist. His crew is superb: vocalist Lars Eric Si is good, if not that unique. In guitar we have a true virtuoso, Carl August Tidemann and behind the drums, probably the best metal drummer ever, Jan Axel von Blomberg alias Hellhammer. Not a bad start. It's fairly obvious where they go from that start - Arcturus isn't far, but Winds lacks Garm's lunatic genius. The Imaginary Direction of Time is still full of technically brilliant playing and clever and touching songs. Very good, if a bit light. Winds is no Opeth, but that's no fault of theirs, of course. Highly recommended for fans of progressive metal music. ****

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