Chroma Key: Graveyard Mountain Home

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Chroma Key: Graveyard Mountain HomeCD, InsideOut Music 2004

Track list: Acknowledgement - Give Up Some - Come on to Bed - Radio Repairman - Graveyard Mountain Home - He Started with the Cat - Before You Started - Miserable Sufferings - Come In, Over - Pure Laughter - Andrew Was Drowning His Stepfather - Sad Sad Movie - True and Lost - Okay?

Kevin Moore was one of the founding members of Dream Theater. Chroma Key is his solo project and Graveyard Mountain Home is a soundtrack to an old educational film Moore discovered. What this all adds up to? Postrock. There's no trace of progressive metal of Dream Theater, it's all more like Tortoise or Godspeed or whatever. It's also very soundtrackish, very visual music. The limited edition includes the movie. ****

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