Slumber: Fallout

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Slumber: FalloutCD, Karmageddon Media 2004

Track list: Rapture - Conflict - Where Nothing Was Left - Fallout - Distress - Dreamscape - A Wanderer's Star

Swedish Slumber was formed back in 2001 and has now come up with their debut album. Fallout is very mature, high-quality album that's directly comparable to works of Opeth and like. Slumber plays melodic, atmospheric death metal, full of gloom and melancholy. Only thing I'm seriously missing is more range on vocals: band's vocalist Siavosh Bigonah does good work, but only in death metal style. Clear vocals would've spiced this album up in a nice way. And that's the only bigger flaw I can see - Fallout is a very good album and one of the 2004 highlights. ****

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Azrael said:

This is one of the most promissing albums I've ever heard, and as for Slavosh vocals, I think that they fit perfectly with the all album atmosphere. Slumber will be big, that's for sure! :))

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