Deinonychus: Insomnia

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Deinonychus: InsomniaCD, My Kingdom Music 2004

Track list: Nightfall guides insomnia to be an everlasting mental torture, with this being the consequence - We have uncovered a question and now we must unearth the answer - To diagnose the fortunes of paranoia consuming consciousness and sanity - Long I feared that my sins would return to visit me, and the cost is more than I can bear - Reasons to open your eyelids and awake the apocalypse Iris is telling you

This album has the longest song titles I've seen in a long time. Dutch Marco Kehren doesn't take the short way, it seems. The songs are long as well and the mood is very gloomy doomy. The album describes the suffering of an insomniac. It's painfully depressed and - I believe - needs the listener to be in a dark state of mind to be fully enjoyed. It's dark, it's sad, it's beautiful, but I still prefer Shape of Despair. ***

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