Darkwell: Metatron

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Darkwell: MetatronCD, Napalm Records 2004

Track list: Fate Prisoner - Strange - Metatron - Crown of Thorn - The Machine - Hope Unborn - Nothingness - Far Cry - Last Glance

Goth metal with female lead vocals - that's a genre I don't fancy too much. Theatre of Tragedy did it so well on Aegis, everything else just sounds bland compared to that. So does Metatron. Vocalist Stephanie Luzie does her job well, but the songs are a bit too curly for my tastes. Too many different parts, you know. Not bad, but not outstanding in any positive way either. ***

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Rick said:

I love their music but I think they should do away with the male vocals. Unless they can do it like Tristania, just not as much growling. I do love Fate Prisoner and Last Glance, but as a whole, I liked their first album, Suspiria, better. On that one I loved 4 songs. And on their middle album, Conflict Of Interest, I only liked one, The Crucible. Well, loved. It seems like I either love their stuff or can't get into it very much.

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