Phazm: Hate at First Seed

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Phazm: Hate at First SeedCD, Osmose Productions 2004

Track list: In Chaos - What a Wonderful Death - Resinous Balm - Forest Recipe - Devoured Tenderness - Vicious Seed - Fleshback - Loneliness - Dogs

France is home for many bad metal acts, but Phazm is surprisingly good. What makes Hate at First Seed so interesting the pure rock'n'roll attitude and sound that is mixed well with elements of black and death metal. It's hardly unique, but sounds reasonably fresh. Hate at First Seeds sets up high expectations for Phazm's next album. ***

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Khold said:

Bad metal acts in France? No more than anywhere else, consider the following: Yyrkoon, Scarve, Phazm, Blut aus Nord, Malmonde etc... Any of the aforementionned band should get your head banging ;)

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