8thSin: Sinners inc.

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8thSin: Sinners inc.CD, Black Lodge 2004

Track list: Karaoke Life - Hello Japan - Sometimes & Othertimes - Trip Trap - Eastern Empress - Dreamqueen - Sex FX - Sister - Money - Sinners - The Eight Sins, part 1

8thSin's debut album is, frankly, boring. Their industrial metal lacks imagination and poer. It's all very decent and average, but could use better songs and better vocals. There are some glimpses of light all through it and some clever hooks (many of which sound like they're borrowed from somewhere, unfortunately), so maybe the second album will be better? Leave this to the stores, however. **

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Björn said:

Why is this album/band in the category Black/Death when it does not have anything to do with that? It is as wrong as putting Abruptum in the jazz category...

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