Masterplan: Back For My Life

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Masterplan: Back For My LifeCD, AFM Records 2004

Track list: Back For My Life (single) - Crimson Rider - Love Is A Rock - Killing In Time - Killing In Time (instrumental) - Back For My Life (album)

Masterplan was formed by ex-Helloween Roland Grapow and Uli Kutsch. Jorn Lande was recruited as a vocalist, so the setting was quite promising for some good heavy metal. Back For My Life sounded a bit too soft and AOR for me, but Crimson Rider and Love Is A Rock assured me - here's some good, mature heavy metal (quite like Beyond the Gates by Cans). Buying this EP is, however, only slightly recommended, as Crimson Rider can be found on their new album, Aeronautics. Love Is A Rock and Killing In Time are the only exclusive tracks on this EP. ***

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Kie said:

Killing in Time is a fusking awesome song! I liked this single for that song alone but the other songs are great too. Fans should buy it.

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