Airged L'amh: The Silver Arm

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Airged L'amh: The Silver ArmCD, Black Lotus 2004

Track list: Intro / Guardian of the Ancient Deeds - Fate of the King - Dissention Seeds - Warp Spasm - Mourning Grief - The Silver Arm - Balor of the Evil Eye - The Arrival - Armies Assemble - Splendor Divine - Painless Vengeance - End Domain - Homeland

Let's see: Greek band playing epic heavy metal with a Celtic theme? What happened to the famous Greek mythologies? Why aren't Greek guys using their own folklore? Amorphis didn't stand out until they turned to Finnish folk epics. I find this a very boring decision from the band. However, the contents of the album are quite decent epic heavy metal with typical folk elements. Nothing spectacular or even unique, but it's quite well done and thus on the positive side. ***

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