Placebo: Without You I'm Nothing

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Placebo: Without You I'm NothingCD, Elevator Music 1998

Track list: Pure Morning - Brick Shithouse - You Don't Care About Us - Ask for Answers - Without You I'm Nothing - Allergic (To Thoughts of Mother Earth) - The Crawl - Every You Every Me - My Sweet Prince - Summer's Gone - Scared of Girls - Burger Queen - Evil Dildo

It must be one of the strongest album starters ever: Pure Morning. From the first guitar lines to the haunting voice and lyrics of Brian Molko. And the other track, Every You Every Me - pure brilliance. From the slow and sad to aggressive and angular, Placebo does it all to near perfection. Biggest negative of the album is the hidden track in the end of Burger Queen: just make it a separate track, for god's sake. Other than that, it's a real killer album. *****

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