Cosmo Jones Beat Machine: No Matter How You Pray

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Cosmo Jones Beat Machine: No Matter How You PrayCD, Autotehtaat 2005

Track list: Devil Behind the Woodpile - Downbound Express - (I Believe in) Black Jesus - Kenneth Neu on Death Row - Umbanda Boom O-Mami Wata Woo - I Feel Nothing - What's the Use of Getting Sober when You're Gonna Get Drunk? - Compassion - Aeolipile Babe - The Flood - I Asked for Gasoline - Little Red and Carril Ann

Hurrah, more wild and sweaty rhythm'n'blues from the Cosmo Jones guys! Seeing this album in a record store was a very pleasant surprise. After few times through it, I'm not quite ready to rank it as high as Negrospiritualized, but there are several good tracks in it. Downbound Express is an instant favourite of mine. Great work! ****

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