The Shadowsphere: Through the Field

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The Shadowsphere: Through the FieldCD, The Shadowsphere 2005

Track list: Through the Field - Dreadful Infant - The Guilt is with Him - Through the Field (2)

The Shadowsphere has left goth behind. That's not a bad decision. Their current style is something I'd probably label as neo-folk (kind of reminds me of some stuff by Swans) or something like - kind of baroque melodies, with dreamy synths and acoustic guitars. The vocals have improved a lot from their first demo; I'd still pay some attention to the vocals, mostly rhythm-wise: some lines sound a bit rushed, too many syllables. Anyway, it's a big step forward for Klove brothers. I like the atmosphere, even if their serious slow-tempo style isn't really my cup of tea. ***

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