MindGrinder: Riot Detonator

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MindGrinder: Riot DetonatorCD, Nocturnal Art Productions 2005

Track list: Warhead - Pathetic Submission - The Rebellion - Transition - Epilogue - Hellfire - Concept of Honesty - Death's Disciples - Obligation to Prevail

Riot Detonator is a rough death metal attack. It's quite like the band's previous album, MindTech. The material was complete, says the info sheet, when that album was released, so perhaps it's not a coincidence. I'm still a bit lukewarm about MindGrinder. I see what they're doing, but perhaps it's just not for me. There's plenty of better death metal, that's for sure. ***

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John said:

I think this album is far better then their first, which also was good. There are plenty of better deathmetal bands I agree, but Mindgrinder offers way more than deathmetal, and I honestly cant think of anyone that does it better than them!
Hope the start a tour soon.

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