Hidden: Alexisstar Morphalite

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Hidden: Alexisstar MorphaliteCD, Baphomet Records 2005

Track list: Introduction - Interferometer - Hydrodynamic Physics - Infinity Express - Deathstar Oblivion - The Search for Where Life May Have Existed - Interplanetary Space Physics and Climatology - Ripples in Time - Planets of Metal - Extraterrestrial Illusions

I'll confess: I don't get this. Alexisstar Morphalite consists of rather crappy underground (eg. demo-quality) black metal, with lyrics about astrophysics. This must be a joke of some kind I don't get. The things aren't helped by musicians hiding in the cover of anonymity. All I know is they are Finnish. Why this album was released? That's a question for which we'll never know the answer, I suppose. Meanwhile, avoid this unless you're a physicist with affinity for underground black metal. *

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HIDDEN are a band which can be understand only by a few. unknown bandmembers - encyclopedia metalium listed KILLJOY of NECROPHAGIA as a member - a cool interstellar, astral concept mixed with old school black/death metal, makes their music unique and fascinating. this is surely one of the bands of the 21st century, metal evolving, leaving this fucking, idiot-inhabitet planet. HIDDEN are the soundtrack of the future!

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