Soviettes, The: LP III

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Soviettes, The: LP IIICD, Fat Wreck 2005

Track list: Multiply and Divide - ¡Paranoia Cha Cha Cha! - Middle of the Night - Whoa - (Do) the Stagger - You Should Know - What Did I Do? - Roller Girls - Together - Thinking of You - Hanging up the Phone - How Do You Like That - Photograph - Gotta Decide

The Soviettes plays perky punkpop. Band's strenghts include pretty good vocalists (all four members of the band sing), but that's pretty much it. Well, the album strikes a nice balance between sounding nice and being punk. It isn't too commercial nor too gritty. Paranoia Cha Cha Cha, featured on the Rock Against Bush -compilation, is probably the best track of the album. **

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Juliet said:

Personally, I think they merit a whole lot more appreciation than that. Definitley at least a **** band.

Ah well, arrividerci,

cate said:

i think they're awesome all their cd's rock-yeah they merit more appreciation!!!!!!

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