Spiritual Beggars: Demons

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Spiritual Beggars: DemonsCD, InsideOut Music 2005

Track list: Inner Strength (intro) - Throwing Your Life Away - Salt in Your Wounds - One Man Army - Through the Halls - Treading Water - Dying Every Day - Born to Die - Born to Die (reprise) - In My Blood - Elusive - Sleeping with One Eye Open - No One Heard

Can heavy rock get better than this? Spiritual Beggars blasts out deep and heavy rock riffs, one after the other. Everything is topped with vocals from JB (of Grand Magus), who is one of my favourite vocalists ever. Absolute killer tracks include In My Blood, Born to Die, Throwing Your Life Away... most of the album, really. Man, this is good. *****

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Jimmy said:

This album really rocks, without doubt my fav. album in a long time.
Go out and buy it, you wont find a better way to spend your money... what? -no food is not better!

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