Kamara: Synti, tuomio, katumus

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Kamara: Synti, tuomio, katumusCD, Roihu 2005

Track list: Intro - Tulisade - Katuvan huuto - Kaksi askelta jäljessä - Hauras mieli - Viimeinen aamu - Äärirajoilla - Perisynnistä... - Ruoja - Riisuttu - Maansa myynyt

Kamara is a Finnish band doing their debut with Synti, tuomio, katumus (Sin, Judgment, Repentance). Their own sin is lack of originality: the band started by doing covers of Trio Niskalaukaus ja Kotiteollisuus songs, and especially Kotiteollisuus sounds strongly on the background. The lyrics are very Kotiteollisuus-like. I'd expect a bit more originality. However, at their best, Kamara sounds pretty darn good; when they are nearer death metal with their sound, it's all good. ***

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