Eternal, The: Sleep of Reason

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Eternal, The: Sleep of ReasonCD, Firebox 2005

Track list: Awaken, Arise - Everlasting - To Drown - A Soul Undone - Hollow Inside - In My Skin - A Dream's End - Beneath the Soil - Sleep of Reason - The Dying Light - Weight of Empathy

The Eternal points to Fransisco de Goya's art with their latest album. The name is lifted from Goya's painting ("sleep of reason creates monsters") and the beautiful cover painting by Travis Smith (man behind Opeth's album covers) is a tribute to Goya's work. Clever. The music is quite interesting, too: there's a full range from crawling doom to melodic goth rock. I like the doomy parts best, but the rest works just fine, as well. Good work! ****

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