Mael Mórdha: Cluain Tarb

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Mael Mórdha: Cluain TarbCD, Karmageddon Media 2005

Track list: An Tus - Winds of One Thousand Winters - The Serpent and the Black Lake - Cluain Tarb - I am the Wench's Bane - The Man All Hate to Love - Pauper of Souls - Realms of Insanity

Celtic metal rocks! Mael Mórdha offers an invigorating mix of traditional folk music and metal. No bagpipes or tin whistles this time. Instead, Mael Mórdha has one of the better metal vocalists: what a voice! I recommend checking out Winds of One Thousand Winters or The Serpent and the Black Lake for some really inspiring and rowdy metal. At its best, this is superb material. ****

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