Paths of Possession: Promises in Blood

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Paths of Possession: Promises in BloodCD, Metal Blade Records 2005

Track list: Backlands - The Butchers Bargain - Bleed The Meek - The Second Coming - Where The Empty Gods Lie - A Heart For A Heart - In My Eyes - Erzsebet - Promises In Blood - Bring Me The Heart Of Christ - Through The Fiery Halls - The Icy Flow Of Death

Paths of Possession boasts the Cannibal Corpse vocalist Corpsegrinder in vocals. It's not Cannibal Corpse, though, but more like Swedish melodic death - with rather nifty vocals, too. There are certainly brighter spots on the album, but unfortunately it's not quite enough to make the album really shine. In the end, Promises in Blood is yet another decent but not stunning death metal album. ***

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