Fall of the Leafe: Vantage

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Fall of the Leafe: VantageCD, Firebox 2005

Track list:The Fresco - Morning Works - But the Ghosts Here - In the Silence of the Sands - Off the Map, Under the Sun - Receiver - The Other Room - Ordeal - Quiet Citizen - Cold Java - Discipline and Punish - The End of Harvest

Fall of the Leafe is back. Vantage is, like Volvere, A-class rock with some metal edges. Goth rock, one might call it. Maybe. It's all pretty cool, anyhow, as their style is highly personal and far from obvious. Instead of easy chorus lines they hand out multi-layered songs which reward a patient listener. This one comes highly recommended, but don't expect you'll love it the first time you hear it. Give it time, it's worth the effort. *****

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Petteri said:

Can agree with the reviewer. This album rewards a patient listener.

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