Helrunar: Frostnacht

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Helrunar: FrostnachtCD, Lupus Lounge 2005

Track list: Birke Im Moor - Frostnacht - Unten und im Norden - ...bis die Seele friert - Nachtfrost - Der Trank des Gehängten - Neun Nächte - Älter als das Kreuz - Dreifach Dorn - Mimmis brunnr

German newcomers Helrunar play Scandinavian black metal. No keyboards this time, just brutal guitars with some acoustic flavour. The German vocals are very good, very convincing and all. There's some pagan metal flavour, but not much. Frostnacht is a good start and well above average, but not quite on top of it all yet. ****

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